VenU eLearning Solutions and PurpleFrame Technologies Announce Strategic Partnership

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VenU eLearning Solutions™, a best-of-class Learning Management System (LMS) and eLearning services provider, has entered into a strategic partnership with PurpleFrame Technologies, an award-winning creative learning content and media development company, to offer comprehensive end-to-end eLearning solutions to their customers.

This joint initiative provides a customer engagement framework to promote each of the company’s products and services. “We are thrilled to work with PurpleFrame,” says VenU CEO and President, Tom Doty.  “We selected PurpleFrame because of their proven ability to create highly engaging learning experiences and environments.  They are a trusted partner that we have worked with for years. However, this recent alliance is extremely synergistic, and by working closely together, we have already secured our first major customer win.”

“We are very excited to have an LMS partner with the extensive capabilities that the VenU 5™ LMS provides,” says PurpleFrame CEO, Yogish Shanbhag.  “VenU’s experience in the eLearning industry, combined with their technical prowess and agility, has them well-positioned as an up-and-coming industry leader. Now we have a joint go-to-market strategy, and together we will be developing unprecedented and proprietary eLearning experiences by exploiting the powerful eLearning tools within the VenU 5 LMS.”

About VenU
Founded in 2003, VenU develops and hosts Learning Management Systems (LMS) for large and medium-sized corporate enterprises – predominantly providing Channel Management solutions.

Designed and customized to meet each client’s specific business requirements, the custom-branded VenU 5™ LMS provides an extremely powerful set of eLearning tools.  Built using the latest programming tools and technologies, the LMS employs responsive design throughout its user interface, creating clean webpages and intuitive user experiences that are delivered to “any device – anywhere – anytime.” VenU SCORM Sync™ allows users to leave their office desktop and resume a course on their mobile device – in the same familiar and intuitive user interface. The VenU 5 LMS is truly a completely blended learning, communication, social networking, document management, and knowledge sharing solution, all contained and integrated within a single platform.

VenU’s Momentum Program™ is a comprehensive suite of eLearning services, which include dedicated project management, LMS administration and system training, and end-user technical support.   VenU’s Momentum Program is used to ensure the success of its client’s eLearning initiatives.

For more information about how VenU’s suite of eLearning solutions can benefit your organization, call us toll-free at (800) 596-8544 or locally at (678) 538-6372.  Or, visit us online at

About PurpleFrame Technologies
PurpleFrame Technologies is a high-end content development company, specializing in 3D design, gamification and virtualization. PurpleFrame was founded in September 2008, with a vision to empower the world of multimedia with creativity and passion. It has grown quickly as an international company with offices throughout the world.

Today, with more than 100 years of collective experience in various domains, PurpleFrame has achieved remarkable growth in the field of multimedia. This is the result of an experienced team, constant customer satisfaction and trust. PurpleFrame’s professional expertise has enabled it to provide cutting-edge products and services that are proven to be unique and innovative.

For more information about PurpleFrame’s content development services, call us at (404) 932-3586.  Or, visit us online at


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