gearsThe rise of fast, efficient web services has created the ability for companies to securely link data between web applications, enabling fundamental business practices to be seamlessly synchronized. Here are two brief scenarios where web services can solve a critical business problem.

Scenario 1: Imagine using a central online database for reporting purposes and you wish to include valuable information, collected by the VenU eLearning platform, regarding users’ course completions. The VenU eLearning platform provides a set of tools, a wealth of documentation and practical examples, which allow you to build a connection file that can be added to your central database. This allows data to be synced on demand.

Scenario 2: You would like users to have the ability to connect directly to external applications from within the VenU eLearning platform. In this case, the user could simply follow a link to the desired sign in page and the web service connection crafted with our powerful API, would automatically authenticate the user’s identity.

It’s fast, it’s secure, and it’s always available. VenU’s web services offer expansive flexibility in many business processes.