Momentum℠ by VenU – the Complete Managed Solution

Tech Support

Our U.S.-based, multilingual Customer Service Center provides professional and courteous customer care. Each of our customer service representatives are trained as administrators on your solution, so they can provide expert support and diagnostics.

Our online support ticketing system (branded to your learning initiative) is Single Sign On (SSO) enabled with VenU Connect℠, so users are able to seamlessly access the support site to submit trouble tickets, which are managed and tracked to resolution. Support statistics are made available to clients to track support results.

VenU provides support in many “venues,” so that your customers receive the support solution that suits them best. Whether by phone, desktop sharing, email, or online ticketing system, our support team is always ready to provide excellent customer care!

Support and Training

We understand that undertaking an eLearning program can be challenging – but we will always be there for you. Our dedicated project managers become part of your training team – understanding your specific business needs and providing recommendations on how to make the most effective use of your eLearning platform. Training on LMS functionality is provided as needed, and whenever requested, to ensure your training staff is knowledgeable on the full range of capabilities. Continuity of your training program is ensured by leveraging VenU’s Momentum Program and its training experts.


You certainly retain the ability to administer your learning solution; however, VenU will provide you as much or as little platform administration as you need. We can help you load content and courses, configure online tools and features, set up classrooms and events, and provide you with usage statistics and reports. For businesses with small or no learning teams, VenU becomes your outsourced learning department.


User awareness is a key element to the success of your learning initiative. We can help you gain and maintain the momentum attained at launch and throughout the life of your program. VenU’s toolbox of pre-developed communication tools will help you promote your site using multimedia announcements, emails, and a custom store-front eLearning website. We’ll work with you to create a calendar of events and build a marketing campaign around your goals and objectives. We’ll also provide measurement tools to gauge the effectiveness of each event and communication.

VenU Flex℠

VenU is proud to offer its VenU Flex℠ program at no cost to our Dedicated VenU Super Cloud℠ clients‏. With 48 hours’ notice, we will reallocate cloud infrastructure and technical support services to support your high-volume learning event such as an upcoming course deadline or mandatory company-wide training. Rest assured that VenU will provide the resources to ensure your initiative is a success!