The innovative new VenU Flex™ program allows VenU clients to host high volume learning events, such as an upcoming course deadline or mandatory company-wide training, with no loss of performance, speed or support.

With 48 hours’ notice, VenU will reallocate cloud infrastructure to support an anticipated influx of user activity. Unlike many other LMS providers whose services tend to slow down when higher than normal usage is occurring – through network load balancing and our scalable architecture, we can dynamically expand necessary resources to ensure optimal performance throughout the entire event.

But we take it one step further, we’ll also allot additional technical support services to assist users from beginning to end. Our U.S.-based, multilingual Customer Service Center provides professional and courteous customer care. Each of our customer service representatives are trained as administrators on our client’s specific LMS solution, so they can provide expert support and diagnostics. Whether by phone, desktop sharing, email, or our online ticketing system, our support team is always ready to provide excellent customer care.

VenU is proud to offer its VenU Flex™ program at no cost to our Dedicated VenU Super Cloud™ clients‏.

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