VenU eLearning Solutions, a pioneer in the field of innovative eLearning solutions, released today a dynamic collection of gamification features as part of VenU Connect™ – the company’s latest version of its Learning Management System (LMS).

Recent studies have shown that the addition of an incentive into the learning process increases knowledge retention, thus improving application. This update underpins the company’s commitment to deliver an enterprise-class learning solution that continues to evolve with the cutting edge of technology.

“It was important for us to offer to our clients a gamification feature to make the training experience more interactive and engaging for learners,” explained VenU CEO Tom Doty. “But, we also wanted to deliver a robust capability geared toward increasing both productivity and proficiency.”

With that goal in mind, VenU’s product development team seamlessly integrated gamification into VenU Connect™’s already robust suite of learning management tools.

It all begins at the heart of the platform – where training and related activities meet the Rewards System. VenU Connect™ offers over 20 different criteria with which administrators can create achievements along with custom badges for practically any feature in the LMS. Achievements may be configured to apply to one or more groups, regions or businesses, or the entire site. Additionally, both Achievements and Reward Points may be set to only be earned for a specified timeframe – and Achievements can be set to expire. For example, if you want to offer certain badges or reward points only between May 1st and July 31st to encourage learners to meet a course deadline, VenU Connect™ can do that and more! Achievements can be configured so they can expire after a set amount of time – perfect for recertification requirements.

For the user, however, training takes on a whole new meaning! Leaderboards allow learners to see exactly how they rank compared to their group, region, or even the entire site.‏ The user’s profile displays all of the their unlocked achievements, along with a list of the achievements they have yet to earn.‏ Points earned are prominently displayed on the user’s homepage and a dashboard displays their point earnings history.

For more information on VenU Connect™, call us toll-free at (800) 596-8544 or locally at (678) 538-6372. Or, visit us online at

About VenU

Founded in 2003, VenU develops and hosts Learning Management Systems (LMS) for large and medium-sized corporate enterprises – predominantly providing Channel Management solutions.

Designed and customized to meet each client’s specific business requirements, the custom-branded VenU Connect™ LMS provides an extremely powerful set of eLearning tools. Built using the latest programming tools and technologies, the LMS employs responsive design throughout its user interface, creating clean webpages and intuitive user experiences that are delivered to “any device – anywhere – anytime.” VenU SCORM Sync™ allows users to leave their office desktop and resume a course on their mobile device – in the same familiar and intuitive user interface. The VenU Connect™ LMS is truly a completely blended learning, communication, social networking, document management, and knowledge sharing solution, all contained and integrated within a single platform.

VenU’s Momentum Program™ is a comprehensive suite of eLearning services, which include dedicated project management, LMS administration and system training, and end-user technical support. VenU’s Momentum Program is used to ensure the success of its client’s eLearning initiatives.