VenU Connect™‘s robust suite of communication tools have been developed to streamline communication, increase engagement, and foster a sense of community. Read below to find out how to these features can be used within the Learning Management System to connect learners with training and with each other.

Creating communities within your user base is only limited by your imagination…

Drive traffic to your site, grow your user base, and increase engagement. Integrations with LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook enable LMS login with any of these sites.

Combined with built-in knowledge sharing and communication tools, creating communities and social networks within your user-base is only limited by your imagination!

Enhanced Mass Mailer tool with distribution lists and templates, scheduled and automated email notifications, newsletter templates and delivery, online messaging and more…

Online communication tools including group forums with polling, online/offline user-to-user messaging, chat sessions, Wikis, pop-up notifications, and user dashboard announcements can be combined with training events to provide a collaborative online community and group knowledge sharing.

The VenU Connect™ Mass Mailer comes complete with distribution lists, email and newsletter templates, the ability to schedule and automate email notifications, and more.

Custom Wikis, Forums, and Content Libraries or Glossaries…

​Online knowledge sharing tools including Wikis, Forums, Content Libraries, and Glossaries can be combined with training events to provide a collaborative online learning community.

About VenU

Founded in 2003, VenU develops and hosts Learning Management Systems (LMS) for large and medium-sized corporate enterprises – predominantly providing Channel Management solutions.

Designed and customized to meet each client’s specific business requirements, the custom-branded VenU Connect™ LMS provides an extremely powerful set of eLearning tools. Built using the latest programming tools and technologies, the LMS employs responsive design throughout its user interface, creating clean webpages and intuitive user experiences that are delivered to “any device – anywhere – anytime.” VenU SCORM Sync™ allows users to leave their office desktop and resume a course on their mobile device – in the same familiar and intuitive user interface. The VenU Connect™ LMS is truly a completely blended learning, communication, social networking, document management, and knowledge sharing solution, all contained and integrated within a single platform.

VenU’s Momentum Program™ is a comprehensive suite of eLearning services, which include dedicated project management, LMS administration and system training, and end-user technical support. VenU’s Momentum Program is used to ensure the success of its client’s eLearning initiatives.