Whether your goal is increasing your channel’s product knowledge or ensuring better compliance of your suppliers to regulations and policies, developing an effective eLearning campaign is a critical component of administrating a successful learning management system. With decades of vast experience in providing and managing effective elearning solutions, VenU’s Business Development and Project Management team share some of their insight below:

  • Invest in effective training. While arguably the most expensive component of the process, developing elearning courseware and updating dated training materials will most certainly affect the success of your initiative. Content development is a time-consuming process, so it’s important to remember that many content providers will redevelop legacy content at a fraction of the cost.
  • Promote your training internally. The success of any type of campaign is contingent upon an effective marketing strategy. Take a multi-pronged approach, and promote your initiative through the different communication channels available to you. Remember that mass communication should always target a specific audience and should always lead to action. VenU clients often rely on the integrated mass mailer tool and other communication tools within the LMS to create stylized emails, newsletters, announcements, homepage animations, and HTML formatted site notifications to build excitement for a particular initiative.
  • Make training accessible. In the ever-evolving marketplace, the workforce stays on the go. Therefore, it is more important than ever before that training is accessible anytime, anywhere, on any device – particularly smart mobile devices. Choosing a responsively-designed LMS that offers a robust, yet seamless user experience on mobile devices is paramount. The user interface should be engaging, yet efficient, and easily navigable – content and communications have to flow easily to users regardless of the device used.
  • Incentivize learners. Gamification has been a rising eLearning trend for the last few years. Studies continue to support the evidence that the addition of an incentive into the learning process increases knowledge retention and improves application. If gamification does not fit into your learning culture, consider an alternative incentive for consumption of training – be it through internal acknowledgement, or the implementation of rewards or certification program.
  • Measure results and adjust. No elearning initiative can be successful if it doesn’t provide measureable results. It is important to focus on not just a learner’s outcome, but their activity while consuming training. From the time spent on a particular piece of training to a snapshot of an individual’s learning plan visible, VenU’s robust reporting capability provides stakeholders with the ability to create ad-hoc detailed custom reports along with a full dashboard of standardized reports. This visibility provides you with information that you need to create effective learning plans for individual learners, and to track the success of an entire eLearning campaign. (To learn more about VenU’s approach to BIG Data click here.)

For more information on developing an effective eLearning strategy – current VenU clients should contact their dedicated Project Manager. Not a VenU client, but want to learn more? Contact us today at 800.596.8544.