VenU Connect™ v7 and VenU Connect NOW™

Today, VenU eLearning Solutions announced it’s development of the next generation in eLearning solutions – VenU Connect™ v7 and VenU Connect NOW™. Based on the latest web app technologies, VenU plans a beta release this year with feature enhancements launching in early 2020.

“The idea for VenU has always been to solve critical business problems with technology and to wrap them with professional services to ensure they are executed successfully,” said VenU President and CEO, Tom Doty

VenU Connect NOW™ is a synchronous communication platform, enabling companies to communicate and deliver timely information to their employees and external audiences. The ability to measure participation and effectiveness is groundbreaking. As part of this initiative, VenU has made a significant investment and has enhanced its development team with professionals from the IP telephony and online messaging space. The next generation VenU Connect™ LMS and VenU Connect NOW™ will be unlike anything available on the market today.

“We believe it will be an industry disruptor. We are thinking big and outside the box to create the best new eLearning products”, Doty added.

About VenU: VenU is an eLearning company based in Atlanta, GA whose digital solutions are used by Fortune 500 companies around the world. VenU’s Learning Management System is the culmination of 19 years of development by some of the industry’s leading application designers and developers. The extensive suite of features and functionalities that exist within the platform today are derived from real-world requirements driven by our clients. We’re proud to present a world class learning solution that continues to evolve with the cutting edge of technology.

For more information about how VenU’s suite of eLearning solutions can benefit your organization, please contact us.