Compelling, timely and clear communications with your learners is critical to the success of any eLearning program. When online communication isn’t a call to action, learners may feel disconnected and disenfranchised. You can prevent these potential issues by utilizing LMS communication tools to open the lines of communication between learners and other learners, trainers and LMS administrators.

  • Create online communities – Foster a sense of community by using tools such as forums and discussion threads. Encourage learners to share their thoughts and ask questions. Ensure you have discussion moderators assigned and provide learners with a chance to “Ask-the-Expert!”
    VenU Connect™ clients use our built-in course feeds to encourage active user participation in courses. Users can keep up to date on the topics and even offer additional support or training by opting to have group feed content pushed to their personal feed.  This is also a great opportunity for trainers or administrators to provide follow-up support to learners.
  • Promote your training – Take a multi-pronged approach and promote your initiative through the different communication channels available to you. Remember, mass communications should always target a specific audience and should always lead to a learner action. The VenU Connect™ offers functionality such as an integrated mass mailer tool to create stylized emails, newsletters composition and distribution lists, special announcements, animated homepage slideshows, and custom-built webpages that generate excitement and communicate directly with learners.
  • Leverage social learning tools – Most learners or end users will be active on one or more social learning platforms. VenU Connect™ has built-in social networking tools that integrate with the leading public social platforms. Incorporating social networking tools (e.g. personal new feeds, messaging, chat, and forums), combined with leader boards and gamification will give users a reason to come and comeback.

Our VenU Pages™ functionality takes it one step further and allows content administrators to create dynamic and compelling HTML webpages within the LMS and publish them to targeted user groups. Page creators can share images, documents and videos to the page by posting to the feed or attaching the images to media blocks.

VenU clients who would like to explore VenU Connect™ further should contact their dedicated project manager. Not a VenU client, but want to learn more about how to leverage communication tools in your learning program? Contact us today at 800.596.8544.