Every organization has its own set of unique priorities, and there is no one-size-fits-all LMS solution that completely serves the needs of every stakeholder.  This is particularly true when a large corporate university tries to serve the needs of its channel partners and customers.

VenU’s channel management clients typically come with a very specific set of training needs and measurement/results criteria. Whether its compliance training, skills certification, product knowledge training, channel communications, etc., an enterprise LMS typically cannot be retrofitted into a channel management LMS.

Our approach to channel management is to develop an eLearning solution that specifically meets the business needs of the channel. This means, providing a feature-rich LMS with the necessary customizations unique to the business unit to ensure the training initiative is completely met and that the highest level of success is obtained.

This does not mean that the channel management LMS cannot be used for other audiences, both internal and external, but that the critical needs at the operational level are fully met as the top priority – not a mandate to consolidate into a single LMS as a priority over serving the individual business needs.

While a single massive LMS instance may sound like a good idea to the corporate stakeholders (e.g. one vendor, one contract, one set of administrators and centralized support) it doesn’t accomplish much beyond that, other than to create frustration with the stakeholders.

In order to be truly effective, an LMS must be tailored from the outset to the specific business needs at hand.

Here’s what we know:

  • A global enterprise-wide LMS often provides vanilla functionality that has to work for everyone – nobody is completely satisfied, and the downstream business unit needs are compromised
  • Stakeholders have different needs and are forced into using what everyone else is using.
  • A “one-size-fits-all” approach forces workarounds to the detriment of the training goal.
  • Stakeholders and administrators become frustrated with the lack of agility and slow turnaround time of requested changes.
  • These systems are often cluttered with tools and interfaces that aren’t used or necessary which make the administrative and user experience cumbersome.
  • Ultimately, program adoption goals are not met.

That’s where VenU comes in. We offer robust baseline functionality tailored to specifically meet the individual stakeholder and business needs at a fraction of the cost — We make it affordable!  Custom development and necessary updates are quickly deployed and isolated for the specific business need. Our uncluttered interfaces provide easy-to-use access and administration which produces highly satisfied users and stakeholders. We underpin this with our Momentum Program and become part of our client’s training team.  The successful program, without exception, becomes a critical application for both stakeholders and users.

VenU clients who would like to explore custom solutions should contact their dedicated project manager. Not a VenU™ client, but want to learn more? Contact us today at 800.596.8544.